Shannon Family Farms was started in July of 2004 by Jonathan & Kelly Shannon with a farmhouse, 9 acres, and a small herd of Boer Goats. As time went on, the farm evolved to what it has become today. At Shannon Family Farms, we strive to raise animals in the most responsible way possible while meeting the demands and needs of our family and customers alike.

Jonathan and Kelly both work fulltime off the farm and are employed in local school systems as an educator and administrator. Along with their 3 daughters, raising cows, pigs, chickens, and goats has become a family affair. The farm was the ideal location to settle because within 3 miles of Shannon Family Farms there are 5 other farms in the family. Each one has a focus of their own, but they combine to share machinery and other resources.

The boundaries of the farm have not changed since 2004, however, the facilities have changed dramatically. Upon moving in, the farmhouse began renovations to bring it into the modern era and those renovations continue to today. Shortly after settling in, a farm shop was constructed to house all the necessities for keeping equipment running and making necessary repairs. When the decision was made to bring layer chickens to the farm, a chicken coop was built to meet the demands of our egg laying flock. The late 1800s main barn has had some preservation work and remodeling done to keep it as a fully functional barn that will likely last another 130 years. An addition was made to the original farmhouse in 2012 to meet the needs of the growing family.

As time went on, it became evident that small scale, niche market, livestock production would be the focus for Shannon Family Farms. Beef cattle, swine, meat and layer chickens, and meat goats were chosen as the main livestock species to graze our pastures.

We breed our own cattle to have total control of their food intake their entire lives. If feeder cattle are purchased, they are brought to the farm at weaning from local, trusted farmers. Piglets are purchased shortly after weaning from local with farmers whom we have built a relationship. These piglets are normally from show strings. Meat chickens are shipped directly from Welp Hatchery as day old chickens. Our layer chickens arrive as day old chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. The goats are brought in from other breeders who we have visited their farm and gotten to know them. An animal is never purchased from livestock auctions and brought to our farm. Through our selective alliances with local farmers and hatcheries, we can ensure our animals are being raised responsibly. Each animal at Shannon Family Farms has a full history that can be provided. That history details where the animal has been and any medicines it has had along with the exact dates. The careful selection of animals ensures your family is purchasing high quality meat and/or eggs from a trusted source.

We encourage you to visit “Farm History” to see the history of this farmstead.