We purchased the farmstead on June 30, 2004 from Ruth C. Himes and her late husband Merle Himes. When it was purchased, the farm was a proud Hoosier Homestead Farm.

The Himes homestead was first owned by the family on December 6, 1890. It originally consisted of 80 acres. George M. Himes, Merle’s father purchased the homestead on December 6, 1890 from Samuel F. and Mary C. Graybill for a total cost of $3,000. ($37.50/acre with house)

George cleared much of the land to create tillable land and remodeled the house. The house that currently stands was built in 1912.

On February 25, 1937, Floyd Cornell (Montgomery County Assessor & Appraiser) appraised the real estate for $14,100 (80 acres and homestead).

Merle acquired the land from his father on November 29, 1937 and remained with him until we purchased the homestead and surrounding 10 acres in 2004. (Pictured below are Merle's dad (George) and two step-brothers, Chester & Lester.)

Today, cattle are still raised in the pastures and the tillable land is producing corn and beans. Structures have been updated, farming techniques have progressed, and animal husbandry is changed, but the same soil still remains.