Frequently Asked Questions

What do your cows eat?

  • Lush Grass Pasture (spring & summer)

  • Quality Alfalfa/Grass Hay baled by Shannon Family Farms (fall & winter)

  • Salt Mineral Block

  • Free Choice Water

Do you use growth hormones in your cattle?

  • Our cows never receive any type of hormones or implants. They are raised slowly on grass and take longer to finish out. Growth rate is slower and it takes longer to reach processing weight, thus an increased cost to the consumer.

Do you routinely use antibiotics in your cattle?

  • Because we do not overstock our land and they are not confined to a feed lot, we do not need to routinely administer antibiotics. Occasionally, a cow or steer will become ill and our veterinarian is contacted. If he deems it necessary, antibiotics will be given. It is recorded in the health record and FDA withdrawal times are followed closely.

What is the history of the beef and traceability?

  • Each animal on the farm can be traced from the birth place all the way to the processor. Many of animals are born here on the farm and never leave until they are sold or processed. On occasion, we will buy a newly weaned bull calf from a trusted farmer neighbor.

Is your beef considered organic?

  • We do not qualify as an organic farm according to the USDA. We have not completed paperwork. To qualify as organic, our pastures for grazing would have to be certified and every field we bale hay from would need to be certified as well. We feel confident in our methods that we don't need to carry the organic label. As always, we encourage farm visits so you can personally see how things are done.

What type of cattle do you raise?

  • Our cow herd is a mix of Hereford (brown and white) and Red Devon.

  • Once per year we breed those cows to an Red Devon bull.

  • Calves are a Herford/Red Devon cross or purebred Red Devon.

  • If we purchased a newly weaned bull calf, they are Red Devon.

Whole and Half Beef Costs

Package Details and Costs (pdf)

Purchasing beef in bulk is a great way to lock in a low price and feed your family a wholesome meal each day.

Our cattle are raised naturally on lush pastures for their entire lives with hay fed throughout the winter. There are huge benefits to knowing your farmer and how they raised your meat.

We have whole, half, and quarter beef packages available. Discounts start around 12% off our retail prices for as small of a package as 80 pounds. When buying in quantity your average price is around $7.40 per pound. That includes ground, roasts, and all of your steaks.

When purchasing a whole beef, you are able to pick the exact cuts you want. Here are the options available from This Old Farm.